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10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Fundraiser for Kids With Cancer

January 13, 2015
2 min read
10 must-have fundraising tips

You’re raising money for childhood cancer research. Awesome! Here are our best tips to help you make the biggest impact for kids with cancer. (Not registered yet? Get started!)

1.  Get inspired

You’re raising money to fund the best childhood cancer research to help kids with cancer — kids like Chase.

2. Upload a photo

Make your fundraising page pop by adding your picture. Sign in to start customizing your page.

3. Create a custom page link

Your URL will be shorter, easier to read, and easier to share with your friends. Use the custom URL tool in your members area.

4. Write a compelling website message

Get personal and let everyone know why you’re raising money for childhood cancer research. Need more inspiration? Visit our Why We Exist page or read stories of kids with cancer on our blog.

5. Set an ambitious fundraising goal

Kick off your fundraising by making the first donation. Think about the amount you want your donors to give, and then give that amount.

6.  Find a child to honor.

It will give you fundraising superpowers.

7. Spread the word

Call, text, tweet, email, snail mail — let your friends and family know what, when, and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

8. Use social media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great places to share what you’re up to! Give your followers updates on your fundraising progress, and don’t be afraid to remind them to donate.

9. Double your donations

Encourage donors to take advantage of our matching gifts program. They may be more likely to give more if they know their gift will go twice as far!

10. Write thank you notes by hand

A little gratitude can go a long way, and it will make your donor’s day. Find your donor addresses in the Donations section of your members area.

Questions? We’re here to help! Email DWYWhelp@stbaldricks.org or tweet @StBaldricks.

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