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13 Ways You Can Help Kids With Cancer in October

September 30, 2023
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October Fundraiser

Gather round, ghosts and goblins, Halloween is creeping around the corner, bringing along with it the best fall-tastic ways to fundraise. Check out these 13 spooktacular ideas to support childhood cancer research grants for a scary good time!

1) Everything Coming Up Pumpkin: 

The pumpkin has so many uses: décor, dessert, and drinks. October 26 is National Pumpkin Day, so why not celebrate the gourd by issuing a challenge for the best pumpkin creation. Based off what is submitted, the contest can be divided into different categories. Request a donation for friends to participate as well as to vote. Display the winning works of art and/or share the recipe for bragging rights or prizes.

2) Tackle Kids’ Cancer: 

If you haven’t already picked a fantasy football league, now’s the time to recruit for a game of football squares. Ask co-workers or friends to join and split the proceeds, half for the winner and half donated in their name. More of a basketball or baseball fan? Swap out the teams either from college or pro to switch things up. It’s a win-win to help kids with cancer! Go Team Go! 

3) “M” is for Mystery: 

Consider streaming for charity and playing virtual classic board games like Clue. Or try hosting a murder mystery party live and ask for donations to guess who duunit?! Check out how to set up your fundraiser on the Tiltify platform!

4) Harvest Time: 

October marks the end of prime picking time for wine in the Northern Hemisphere. Be the hostess with the mostest with a tasting party. Have friends bring their favorite bottle or ask a local winery to donate a selection in exchange for a sponsorship shout out on social media. Disguise the bottles, donate to sip, take your best guess, and crush cancer all in one evening! 

5) Monster Dash 5k: 

Monster Dash 5K’s are great to get the blood, and creative juices, flowing. Kick it up a notch and run to save kids’ lives with a zombie themed course or something more family friendly with costumes like the Michigan State SOMA team.

6) Treats, No Tricks: 

“Booing” is a tradition where treats are secretly given to neighbors. Once you’ve been booed, you have 48 hours to continue the chain and surprise another family with candy, stickers, or festive goodies. Post on your online neighborhood board to encourage other communities to join and suggest making a donation to your fundraiser! What could be sweeter than helping to conquer kids’ cancer with these BOO Sheets.

7) Spooky Scavenger Hunt: 

Invite neighbors and friends to a local park or a volunteer’s yard for a spooky scavenger hunt! Participants can recruit teams and donate to join in the fun. Consider using Lucky charms as some of the items in the scavenger hunt, and invite everyone to dress in costume!

8) Oktoberfest: 

Pull up your lederhosen and start practicing your chicken dance, because it’s time to raise your stein for a cause. Reach out to pubs in your area to see if they’d be interested in a portion of proceeds fundraiser in exchange for free publicity. Or make it a block party and designate each house a task, from food to games and invite friends to join the fun!

9) Trick of the Pie:

Prepare for this treat (or is it a trick?) by making or buying a selection of pies. Add a special ingredient to one (think hot sauce or toothpaste) and have participants “bid” by donating on the pie they want to try. Highest bidder gets first choice until all slices are given out. An extra suggested donation can buy you a “swap out” to trade your selection. Keep the pie titles fun like boo-berry or scary cherry, and if pies seem too tricky, opt for baking spooky themed cookies! Someone in the end will get their just desserts – in a fun, charitable way.

10) National Hispanic Heritage Month:

Celebrated from September 15 – October 15, educators can incorporate the significance of this month and encourage students to share traditions, like Dia de los Muertos. As part of the lesson, students can bring in their favorite pastries or sugar skull cookies for a bake sale and honor friends and family no longer here. 

11) Workplace Giving:

Did you know that October is National Women’s Small Business Month? If you own your own company, consider creating a dedicated item or giving a discount for the season like Warrior Strong Wellness (which was started by a mother in memory of her son, Cooper). Fundraising with team building activities (do I hear a chili cookoff?), or offering matching gifts are also ways to engage employees. Kudos if you get 100% participation! As an individual, you can check with your HR department and ask your network to do the same. 

12) Fall(ing) for Photography: 

If you’re lucky enough to have fall foliage or a passion for photos, combine them and create a photobooth to offer a portion of proceeds back for your work. Nature is your backdrop, but if you also happen to have props like haybales or scarecrows, those work too. 

13) Dancing in the Moonlight: 

Looking for a sugar free option to fundraise? Think about starting a dusk to dawn dance marathon! Participants pay a registration fee to sign up as an individual, couple, or team and dance the night away. Incorporate a theme with glow sticks, 80’s horror vibes or incentives for best costume. Last one standing is declared the winner!

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