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7 Things That Will Happen at Your St. Baldrick’s Event

January 13, 2023
3 min read
Man getting his head shaved

So many awesome things happen at St. Baldrick’s events that it was tough to whittle the list down to seven. But here they are! Read on for the seven stupendous things that will happen at your St. Baldrick’s event.

1. You will make an impact

St. Baldrick’s volunteers are changing the world for kids with cancer. With $325 million going to research in 31 countries, we’re making a big impact on childhood cancer research — and it’s all thanks to you. Keep up the great work!

Mother with kid with childhood cancer at event

2. Heads will be shaved

St. Baldrick’s shavees go under the clippers to show support for kids with cancer, and raise money to give them the happy, healthy childhoods they deserve. Those are pretty good reasons to take a little (or a lot) off the top. So get the clippers and the capes ready — and let’s get the head-shaving party started!

A group of shavees sits in a row

3. You will be inspired

When you’re watching people go bald for kids with cancer or listening to stories from the frontline of a child’s cancer fight, it’s hard not to be inspired! Soak it up. That glow you feel in your heart is the hallmark of a St. Baldrick’s event, and it will be there long after the last head is shaved.

Kids speaking at event

4. The community will come together

Conquering kids’ cancer is a cause everyone can get behind. St. Baldrick’s events attract people from all walks of life, strengthening communities and building ties while funding crucial research. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see their buddy go bald?

A group takes a picture with a shavee

5. It will be fun

Music, dancing, prizes, sword swallowing — OK, maybe not sword swallowing, but you get the picture. St. Baldrick’s events are big, fun parties for good. Who doesn’t like a good shindig for a great cause?

shavee and barber share a laugh

6. There will be surprises

From spur-of-the-moment shaves to marriage proposals, your event will have its share of surprises. Your event wouldn’t be a St. Baldrick’s event without them! So strap yourself in — your St. Baldrick’s event is going to be a crazy ride!

surprise proposal at event

7. You’ll want to do it all over again next year

Giving kids with cancer and their families hope while having fun feels good, doesn’t it? Trust us, conquering kids’ cancer with St. Baldrick’s is so awesome that you’re going to want to come back for another year.

young boy shavee smiles

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