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Why You Should Shave Your Head At Least Once In Your Life

February 16, 2024
6 min read
2018 Meehan's Public House (Sandy Springs) Event

Every so often, a challenge appears before us that calls from a deeper place within us. It’s not just an action or a pledge; it’s an expression of solidarity, a declaration of bravery, and a quest for self-discovery all in one. This is the story of why, at least once in your adventurous life, you should dare to start fresh—by shaving your head.

Empathy and Support for Cancer Charity Fundraisers

There’s something profound about standing in the shoes of those fighting battles you’ve never faced. For cancer charity fundraisers, shaving your head is more than just an outward change—it’s an act of support for those who are in the fight against cancer. When you shave for charity, like the courageous participants in St. Baldrick’s events, you’re not just losing locks; you’re gaining insight and joining a movement that’s donated over $340 million to childhood cancer research.

Rosmarie and family at a st. baldrick's event

2023 Fado Irish Pub Event, featuring Honored Kid Rosemarie and her family

“It’s the little things in life that can make the biggest impact. Raising money to have my head shaved is not a huge undertaking, but the impact that it can have on even one child’s life can be the biggest thing in the world because these kids are the future!”
16-Time Shavee and team captain, Kevin S.

Embracing Change and Taking Fashion Risks

Shaving your head is a bold statement. It’s liberating and empowering, often giving people who don’t know how to help a way to take action in the quest to Conquer Kids’ Cancer.

In the absence of hair, you might find a newfound freedom to explore fashion—one that’s grounded in your newfound fearlessness. We’ve seen St. Baldrick’s shavees get very creative, adopting new hairstyles while using their new look to help raise awareness. The bald look, it turns out, can be quite the game-changer, making any outfit or occasion a new opportunity to make a bold statement.

Shavees wearing capes in front of rainbow balloon arch

2023 Geaux Bald Event

“I feel beautiful when I am bald, something I didn’t always feel when I had hair. It gives me a chance to share my story and raise awareness about cancer and to tell people about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation when they ask me why my head is shaved… If I inspire other women to shave their heads, or if I empower another woman to have the confidence to embrace her baldness during cancer treatment, that is just icing on the cake for me. Shaving my head has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.”
– Carolyn Koncal, leukemia survivor and St. Baldrick’s shavee

Hair Donations and Giving Back

Is your hair suitable for donation? Transform your bald journey into a double act of giving.

Hair, a treasure for some, is a gift for others. The process of donating your tresses, combined with the head-shaving experience, is a two-pronged act of kindness with a ripple effect that’s tangible and heartfelt. Many of our St. Baldrick’s shavees will donate their hair to organizations like Wigs for Kids or Locks of Love, while also shaving their head to raise money for lifesaving childhood cancer research.

In order to truly grasp the profound impact of a hair donation, one must contemplate the transformative effect it can have on someone else’s life. Although the act of parting with your locks may seem simple, it holds the power to bring immense joy to another person in need.

Self-Confidence and Self-Discovery

Shaving your head is a life-changing moment; and quite possibly the most dramatic ‘before’ and ‘after’ you’ll ever experience. In the ‘before,’ there might be hesitance, skepticism, or even fear. But in the ‘after,’ there’s a raw, audacious version of you that’s sure to impress. The liberation of feeling the air on your scalp, the vulnerability of your reflection, and the courage it takes to go out without the safety net of hair is empowering.

Flannery wears cape and holds handful of shaved hair

Flannery during her shave in 2018 at the Matt Denny’s Ale House Event

“I think that really trumps any self-image issues that I had. I really feel like this is something that I have to do. It’s so much about what you can give back to people who are less fortunate than you.”
Flannery, St. Baldrick’s shavee

It’s Fun to Make a Difference

The beauty of this initiative is its sheer simplicity: just sit back and let the barbers do their work, and make a substantial impact. It’s not just about raising funds (though our St. Baldrick’s events do this magnificently), but about community, and showing kids with cancer that they aren’t alone. There’s a certain camaraderie that only a group of freshly bald folks can foster, a shared experience that epitomizes the fight against cancer.

Shavee Mike smiles in front of SBF banner

Mike B. is all smiles after one of his shaves

“I love the camaraderie and showing up at the events, and this [virtual event] is no different. It is different, but it’s not different! It’s a great outpouring of support and I love to see this across the country!”
– Mike B., long-time shavee

The fun that can be found at a St. Baldrick’s event is infectious, whether it is at a community event, school, or even virtual. Year-after-year we get first-time volunteers who decide on the day of the event to participate after being inspired by all the joy and hope they see around them. When you witness our shavees shaving their heads or hear stories from the frontlines of a child’s battle against cancer, it’s nearly impossible not to feel inspired to make a difference for kids with cancer.

The emotion is overwhelming. People care. They are coming together to say, “There’s a way we can fight back—one head at a time,”
– Nancy, cancer mom and St. Baldrick’s Advocacy/Family Relations Coordinator

So why should you shave your head at least once in your life? Because life is short, and the way we choose to spend it matters. So why not make the most of it?

Shaving your head is more than a personal challenge. It’s more than a trendy haircut. It’s about taking control and doing something in your power that will make a real impact for kids with cancer.

To anyone considering shaving your head, cape up, step forward, and join the ranks of the bold and the bald. It’s an experience of a lifetime—one that you’ll cherish in your heart long after your hair has grown back.

Are you ready?

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